Understanding Pedigrees

Spartacus at 12 weeksWhat is a Pedigree?

You will see pedigrees listed on this page from our current, future, or recent breeding stock. Pedigrees are certified documented lineages of the ancestries of purebred dogs. This proves the accuracy of a bloodline.

The AKC registered bloodlines are the results of hundreds of years of work—creating a purebred dog is no easy task. AKC Registered dogs are pedigreed in what’s known as a closed stud book, which means that all of the past generations were AKC registered and can be traced back on a seven generation pedigree as proof. When someone purchases an AKC registered puppy, 254 same-breed dogs over a span of 7 generations have played a role in the creation of their new puppy. That number (254) could be slightly less, if some line breeding was implemented. This should give one an appreciation and understanding of the efforts involved, and why purebred dogs are consistent in their physical appearance along with skill sets, common tendencies, and behaviors.

Most of the 194 breeds recognized by the AKC were created hundreds of years ago, and still preserved by breeders today. Long ago people needed their dogs to be able to perform certain tasks as this was beneficial for human survival in some cultures. In the process of creating the Airedale Terrier, breeders sought to improve the Airedale's ability to smell faint odors. Thus the Otter Hound was crossed into the breed when the original stock was being developed. This improved their hunting instincts immensely and gave the Airedale a strong ability to wind or track wild game. Adding in the Otter Hounds DNA also gave the Airedale a strong inclination to swim and eliminate nuisance species that were at that time wreaking havoc and destroying the ecological balance along river banks. Likewise, these added traits increased their efficiency as police and service dogs during World War 1.

When you get a puppy from Singing Hills Kennel, we provide an AKC 3 generation certificate that names the parents, grandparents, and great grandparents of your puppy. You will also receive a registration application. We require all new owners to register their dogs as part of our purchase agreement. We currently own or have owned all of the dogs listed on our pedigree page, and were also the breeders for most of them. We are acquainted with a select group of quality breeders that we co-breed with on occasion in order to continuously improve our gene pool. Mostly all of the dogs and puppies that you see on the Gallery Pages were bred and whelped at our kennel