The Airedale Personality

Two Playful Airedale Terrier Puppies

The Unique Personality of the Airedale

The Airedale is very adept at finding their place in a new home or working into different kinds of social occasions. Their natural intuition enables them to adjust to your lifestyle. We have many buyers who take their dogs to work.

They learn your routine and function around it. They love their human family and love to play games with exuberance and reckless abandon. At the same time they can be charming or stoic, depending on what the situation calls for.

They are very social and expect to be included in family activities. They also love to travel and go on vacations much like people. The disposition of the Airedale is social and non-aggressive but at the same time they are unafraid and will not be intimidated by threatening foes.        

AKC Certified Airedale Breed

The Airedale is recognized and registered by the AKC as a purebred bloodline of dog. The AKC currently recognizes 194 breeds, and the Airedale ranks 55th in Breed Popularity—which places them well into the top third. You see many new so-called designer breeds on the internet.

These dogs are actually given names that are a combination of the names of the two breeds of dogs they are bred from. But, in reality, they are just out-crosses from two different breeds. This means their DNA can either be in the center or lean toward one breed or the other.

In contrast, a pure stock of dog has a consistent DNA pool that has resulted from decades to centuries of selective breeding in order to produce a consistent bloodline. This results in dogs being consistent in their size range and physical appearances, along with their general tendencies and behaviors. 

Airedales as Puppies and Adults

Airedales hang onto their puppyhood longer than most breeds which is why people are so drawn to this breed. It’s not uncommon to see an 8 year old Airedale that is willing to chase a ball or a Frisbee as long as you want to throw it. Airedales generally love the water and enjoy swimming and going to the beach.

Airedales are known to be clownish, exuberant, enthusiastic, playful, and hang on to their puppy tendencies far into adulthood. But they can at the same time be great listeners and good company. So unlike some friends and family members, you will never have to worry about your dog suddenly deciding to go uppity on you.

And even when they know the exact solution to a problem you may be having, they will remain silent instead of blurting the answer out in front of everyone, as they are modest and do not like to appear as being a know-it-all.

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