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champion pedigree airedale terrier ottoOtto is the perfect addition to our family and is a happy, healthy and good boy. He has a gentle nature and is somewhat laid back to be an Airedale. Otto recently reached the 50 pound mark and despite his size, still thinks he’s a lap dog.

To say Otto is affectionate would be an understatement, cuddling next to his humans on the couch and showering them with kisses (whether you want them or not) are two of his favorite activities. While he is still a puppy,

Otto is already keen to human emotions and offers comfort when he senses you’re upset or have had a bad day. The boy also has a naughty side.

Any food left on the counter is fair game, shoes should not be anywhere he can access, and aggravating his senior Spaniel sister is an everyday occurrence.

This impish behavior is part of an Airedale’s charm and can be quite entertaining.

For the most part, Otto is a pleaser and wants to make his humans happy. He’s highly trainable and enjoys learning new things. Otto’s greatest love is for the camera and he is happy to strike a pose at any given moment.

Otto has his very own Instagram account and over 5,000 followers check in to see what @obsessed_with_otto is up to. He has become quite an ambassador for the breed!