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Brix airedale terrier puppyBrix is now 5 months old and weighs 33 lbs. and stands about 20 inches to the shoulders. We love him so much! I know we might be biased, but he is one incredible dog. He has gone to 10 obedience and agility classes and is a real fast learner. He is so smart and picks up new skills after several lessons. He can sit, stay, wait, lay down, front/come, and shake all very well now. He loves doing the agility course and is really good. We are being prodded to keep him going and actually put him in competitions eventually.

We get stopped all the time on walks and are told how beautiful he is. His demeanor is just fantastic. Now, he is a Terrier so he does nip and counter surf, which we are working on and he will outgrow, but he is so friendly with other dogs, people and kids.

Brix barks but only to let us know someone is around and he stops pretty quickly. He loves to go on walks, he gets about 2 miles per day. We play ball in the back yard and he does a good job of retrieving and returning. His favorite toys are ones that squeak and he loves chewing on hoofs. He sleeps in his crate all night without a peep and he is about 99% potty trained.

Brix got his first trimming at Bruce and Caron's since we live so close and he looks awesome. Brix wants to be wherever we are in the house and loves going for car rides.

We are so blessed to have found Bruce and Caron and have them so close to us. If you are thinking about getting an Airedale, Singing Hill Kennel is where you want to get your dog.

David Risk


August 2019 Update

Our furry family member Brix, turned 1 yr. old on 8/19/19! He is about 22.5in tall at the shoulders and weighs 46 lbs. He is such a wonderful dog and we love him so much. Brix has become such a great member of our family.

Brix’s personality is always so happy, loving and inquisitive and he loves being with us all of the time. Brix loves all dogs, people, kids, and car rides! It is incredible how smart Brix is too. He picks up commands and tricks really fast. He started in obedience and agility classes the week after we picked him up…9 weeks.

We still take him to those classes and he will start to compete in agility competitions soon! Brix loves to play ball and play chase with his squeaky toys. He swims really well…with his doggie lifejacket on. There is really nothing that these dogs can’t do.

Brix went to GA to reunite and celebrate his 1st birthday with his brother/littermate Otto and they had a fantastic reunion of Airedale “play”.

We are so happy to have found Bruce and Caron so close to us. If you are looking to have a new furry family member, you can’t go wrong with an Airedale, and one from Singing Hills Kennel!
David and Sheila Risk


 Happy airedale terrier Brix puppy

airedale terrier Brix party 2019

airedale terrier Brix lying down

airedale terriers playing In Field

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