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David and Sheila, Airedale owners

In August, my wife and I lost our Airedale of 13 years. We planned to wait a while before considering another one. As much as we missed our Cooper we felt like something was missing without an Airedale in the family. We live in NC so started searching for east coast Airedale breeders.

We found Singing Hills Kennel in Pittsboro, NC. They were just 30 minutes down the road from us. After viewing their website we asked Bruce and Caron if we could come out and see their dogs. They were more than happy to have us out for a visit.

We saw all the dogs and what wonderful demeanors they had. At that point, it was game over. We met two puppies, Jolie(4 months) and Otter (5 months). Their temperaments were so friendly, loving and calm. Jolie sat in my wife's arms like she had known her all her life.

We gave Bruce and Caron a deposit on the spot. Two looong months later we were so excited to finally pick up our boy, Brix! When Bruce put Brix in my arms for the first time, I got kisses for the first 5 minutes. He is such an incredible dog. Everything Bruce and Caron told us was true. Brix is so smart, we had him trained to sit, come, lie down and fetch all within the first 3 weeks!

Of course he has his puppy moments, but he is so sweet and calm compared to many puppies.

They really do breed for intellect, health and temperament. Our kids are grown and out of the house so Brix is our spoiled baby in training! We feel blessed to have found Singing Hills Kennel so close to our home. If you are looking for an Airedale, we highly recommend you give Bruce and Caron a call.

  David and Sheila Risk

airedale terrier puppy at the edge of a pool

Schroeder our Welsh Terrier of 12 years died we took two months to grieve and cherish him. Heidi is an attorney and is great at doing research so she really researched the breed and we decided on an Airedale because we wanted a healthier pet.

We brought Remington home on May 21, 2011. He is the most gentle dog I’ve ever been around. We have Sally, a soon to be 5 year old daughter and Colson, a soon to be 8 year old son and Remington fits right in.

He loves to be with us and is loved by us.

We enjoy a pool in our backyard and Remington loves to hang out by the pool with us and give us the paw. He seems to know he’s not supposed to get in the pool. Another great thing about Remington is that with him soon to turn 4, we are skipping all the woes of raising a puppy in a house full of toys and other stuff we don’t want chewed up.

We’ll share more pictures and insights as time goes by. 

  Ken, Heidi, and Carey Family


man and a woman with an airedale

Mark and I have been delighted with Singing Hills Kennel. Bruce and Caron have gone above and beyond to ensure that we not only received a high quality Airedale but, the perfect fit for our family.
Their love of the breed is evident and infectious. We look forward to many years with our Asa and hopefully one day a new addition.
Mark and Tina Wilcox
Greensboro, NC



family with an airedale terrier puppyWe purchased "Cocoa" for Christmas in 2009. As this was our first dog, we were unsure of what to expect!

Caron was incredibly helpful with making sure this was the "right" dog for us (and that we were the "right" family for her!). Our millions of questions were answered patiently. Singing Hills Kennels made Christmas Day the most memorable holiday our family has ever had.

Our children had no idea of what to expect, as they had been told that we needed to meet someone at work to "drop something off". Their faces were priceless as they were greeted with Caron telling them that the puppy in her arms was their Christmas present!

Cocoa was adorable with a red Christmas bow around her neck. We were prepared with a starter supply of food, instructions, and a phone number to reach Caron or Bruce with more questions. I was overwhelmed with how comfortable I felt knowing that I had all the information and support I needed with our new family member, even on Christmas Day!

Since Cocoa joined our family, Caron and Bruce have continued to be there for us. This kennel stays invested in the well-being of their Airedales. I enjoy knowing that I can leave Cocoa with her "family" instead of in a typical boarding facility when we go on vacation.

The Hedrick Family
Burlington, NC

hedrick family with their airedale terrier

Levi became part of our family in May of 2009. Since that time, we are amazed at the personality
that this animal has developed. He continuously shows us his love and affection. Levi follows
my ten year old son from room to room, If my son is stationary, he follows me.

Levi is very well behaved. At times, Levi acts as if he is human!! He is such a blessing to us. We are very thankful to have him in our lives.

Bobbie & Colby Scott Burlington, NC


wife and husband with their airedale terrier

Our family has grown thanks to Caron and Bruce at Singing Hills Kennel. We have first hand knowledge of their love and dedication to healthy and happy Airedales. They really love their Airedales as well as the breed as a whole.

This love is shown by the great care they take in their breeding practices for top quality healthy puppies, and it is shown even more by their efforts in making sure their puppies go to good homes.

We have our beautiful and oh so energetic Sookie as proof of their dedication and love of the breed. They keep in contact with us still, and I look forward to having them as our breeder for life. We are on the waiting list for a new puppy, and we have no doubts in what to expect.

We know we will soon have a happy and healthy second puppy as well as the continued support as our puppies grow.

smiling woman with her airedale terrier

Singing Hills Diamond Boy of Waggin-aire is my Champion aka Jewels. He is now a happy house dog and enjoying every minute of his life. Prior to getting him I did a great deal of research and met in person many breeders before choosing Singing Hills.

I made the perfect choice. If you are fortunate enough to have an Airedale come into your life you will make a perfect pick having one, or two or three, from Caron and Bruce.

Ruth S. Gehring, PA


young couple posing by water with their airedale

Two days before Christmas in 2009 Chris flew up to North Carolina to get Bailey. She will always be the best Christmas gift I will ever receive. Neither of us had ever owned an Airedale but as a small child I had a stuffed dog that I got while on a family vacation that was a welsh terrier (small breed).

Typically you do not see many Airedales around in the area that we live but I would always see a couple that would be walking their two Airedales in Downtown St. Pete. Chris always knew how excited I would be to see them! My family has always had Standard Poodles and Chris’ family only had Dalmatians.

We wanted to have something different. I do not think Chris and I ever would have known how much we would love Bailey! She is the best dog! She is great with people and is extremely intelligent. Since we do not have kids yet she is our “first born fur child” and is spoiled with love! Everyone that meets her thinks that she is beautiful too.

We recommend Singing Hills Kennel to anyone that is thinking about getting an Airedale! You will not be disappointed! Bruce and Caron really care about all of their dogs.

The Nelson Family, St. Petersburg, FL

woman holding her puppy by the fireplace

I was very appreciative of all the information that I was given about Airedales in order to make an informed decision about buying an Airedale puppy. I was given the opportunity to "meet" all the dogs at the kennel.

I fell in love with them all! Watching the puppies grow was an awesome experience. They are all so special and all of them were so cute. Our dog, JCrew is the most amazing dog ever!

Thanks Singing Hills!

Celeste Scoggins & Family

Murphy sitting at attention

We got our Murphy from Singing Hills Kennels in October 2014, he is almost four. He has been a great addition to our family. He is our 6th Airedale, so we are quite familiar with the breed. He is very healthy & has a typical Airedale temperament.

He is very smart.

He has a mind of his own, but is obedient. Murphy needs a buddy, we began to look around Arkansas for a breeder. I looked at a couple of websites and could tell that the quality of the dog was not there. Our groomer (who has shown at Westminster Dog Show) has said over and over that Murph is the best looking Airedale he has seen.

He goes on about his lines & what an overall good looking dog he is. We decided to get another puppy from Caron & Bruce. So, we will make the trip back to NC. They have been easy to work with and we are confident that we will get another great dog to join our family.

Laine Holleran, Arkansas!

holleran family's Seaco sitting in the yard

We drove down to Singing Hills Kennel from Washington D.C. to pick up our 3.5 month old Airedale in August of 2017. Bruce and Caron were very informative and helpful during our decision making process to figure out if this was the right puppy for us.

When we picked up our puppy Seaco, Bruce talked us through a lot of what we needed to know about Airedales, and sent us off with some puppy food to get us started. Seaco has been the best decision we have ever made!

He is very loving, very goofy, and makes us laugh every day. Airedales are a very unique breed, but they are the best. We are so happy we went with Singing Hills, and would recommend them to anyone!

Felysia & Josh 

Minni airedale terrier laying on floor eating dog food

Minnie is fabulous. She still has a few puppy habits , but is so good in all the ways that matter. She has never been rough with Millie, our old fox terrier. That was something I really worried about. She loves children and guests! Minnie is just so sweet hearted. 

The care you take is breeding is so clear. She is both beautiful and good tempered. I think she has a great  mind—not panicky or  neurotic and very quick to learn.

Margaret Hall 

airedale terrier family dog

Life has changed around our home for the better! Our family lost our 15 year old Wheaten Terrier a year ago. We waited for our next puppy until the timing felt right. Our kids researched the breed and I researched the breeder.

We needed hypoallergenic, active & a family dog.

After extensive online research and receiving a recommendations from the Airedale Terrier Kennel Club We were in touch with Singing Hills Kennel. I spoke with Caron for hours helping me understand the breed, temperament, her Kennel and how it works.

I was sold! We were lucky the timing was right and a litter was coming. We waited for my kids to return from camp and our travels to end to fly up to get the puppy and bring him home to Florida.

While trying to get the puppy a ticket on my flight back to Florida the airline I was booked on said no to the puppy on the plane. Frustrated & shocked Caron, Bruce & I went to other airlines who accommodated the puppy and me and we were successful in getting what we needed to fly home together.

Caron and Bruce were by my side until I ultimately boarded a plane. The Joneses treated me to a tour of Charlotte and great company at lunch. When it was time to leave they gave me their helpful puppy hints and sent me on my way. The care & communication didn't end there!

Caron has given advice by phone, email and text on best food, grooming and training. We want to make sure the experts we have in Florida were doing the right thing for this Airedale! We are so thankful for our new family member. We will be happy when the puppy stage ends! Life is sure more active and better with our Airedale in our home!

Thank you Singing Hills Kennel, Caron & Bruce Jones. Our family is complete!

Orlinsky Family: Aventura, Florida

living with an airedale terrier

We wanted to let you see how well Dolly is doing at 5 months. She's a great addition to the family. We know she came from good breeding stock. If you saw how she "high steps", while walking, you'd think she knows it too! Thanks again!

Gary and Bonnie Charles, Melbourne, Florida









Loly and Keenan two airedale terrier puppies

Working with Caron and Bruce was a delightful experience. Whenever I had questions, they had no problems answering them. If I wanted pictures and information concerning the parents, they provided them with the utmost transparency and patience. They were sincere at every step of the way and I was rewarded with a beautiful puppy when she felt they were healthy and strong to continue their journey with their new owners.


Loly Keenan



woman holding her airedale terrier

Shelby is such a joy and a wonderful addition to our family! From the moment we brought her home we could tell right away what a sweetheart she is.

She wants to be around us all the time. She is very social and LOVES meeting new people. She gets too excited for her own good! She is extremely gregarious and has a lot of spunk. Everytime we take her on walks, people stop to comment and say what a beautiful dog she is.

Shelby is very smart and took very well to puppy obedience training. We are now working on her advanced training so she can get her Canine Good Citizen award.

Shelby is also a great guard dog. Even though she is extremely sweet, she has a big bark and a serious growl to alert us to anything out of the ordinary. I feel very secure in having her at home.

We are very fortunate to live near Bruce and Caron so that they can see Shelby grow up. We've had the opportunity to board her with them and I can tell she has a great time and lots of play.

Bruce and Caron do such an amazing job breeding their Airedales. I have to stop myself from getting another one because the puppies are so incredibly adorable!

Shelby is still a puppy as she is now about 8 months old. We look forward to watching her journey as she grows into an adult. We are so happy and blessed to have Shelby in our family! Thank you Bruce and Caron!

Shelby playing with an exercise ball   Shelby just groomed laying on dog bedx

Susan, Mark and Cole Shepherd