Airedales Are Hypoallergenic

Airedale Terriers have a hypoallergenic coat


The Airedale Terrier Coat

Airedales are hypoallergenic, meaning they do not have seasonal shedding typical to many other breeds of dogs. People who have allergies have had good success owning this breed of dog.

Of course, the Airedales hair will grow in length just like peoples hair, so it’s essential to have a good groomer. There are two ways to groom an Airedale. The most popular is just doing a pet cut using clippers and scissors. The other alternative is doing a strip coat which is how professional show dogs are groomed.

Doing a strip coat will keep an Airedales coat very dark and firm which, is what show judges expect to see as this is a determining factor in conformation judging. Doing a strip coat requires a high level of grooming skill and takes a great deal of time compared to doing a pet coat which is why most will choose the latter.

We offer grooming for our buyers and can also keep your dog should you have an emergency or need to travel out of town. We are not a boarding kennel, but will keep dogs that were whelped at our kennel.