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Training an airedale terrier to sit


Obedience & General Training

Housebreaking is usually the first order of dog training. Airedales are very smart, so most can be house trained in a relatively short period of time. A dog is basically trained through repetitious visits to the yard, especially first thing in the morning, and right before bedtime.

Also early on it is important to take them out right after eating. Dogs learn through repetition and adjust to the routine. Installing a doggie door can make it quite convenient for everyone including the dog.

We have also had owners train their dogs to ring a bell when they need to go out. This method will work great with certain personalities and give mixed results for others.

Many of our buyers will take their dogs to weekly obedience classes. This gives you an opportunity to bond with your dog in a public venue and familiarizes them to recognize the different commands.

It can be beneficial to expose your puppy to a structured setting such as this as it can watch all the other dogs while participating. This also stimulates the dogs focus and ingrains the behaviors in association with certain words. It is usually best if the owner trains the dog versus the dog training the owners.

I have witnessed the latter on more than one occasion, and while it can be entertaining, it is usually does not end well. But it can be funny.

So if you want to avoid training rituals and just pay someone to train your dog, this can also be an option.

However keep in mind that this is a huge gray area and having a bad trainer experience can be worse than no trainer. This also sometimes involves sending your dog to school for 6 weeks, as they need the total focus of the dog in order to develop the new behaviors. Once your dog returns home it becomes everyone’s responsibility to keep the dog familiar with all they have learned or over time they will forget most of it.

We have had some of our buyers send their puppy to Wagner’s K9 in Monroe, NC. They do the best job by far of trainers we have worked with.

Specialized Training

This requires energy, time, and commitment from the owners. Airedales make excellent obedience & agility dogs and can develop into excellent hunting dogs providing the opportunities are available. They are a versatile breed, but need the right kinds of repeated exposures in order to hone their skill sets.

Unless you already have a background in this field, you will need a mentor or mentors to guide you along as you move through the process. We have contact information for both Airedale Agility & Hunting Clubs. Keep in mind though this is not for the faint-hearted as it is a long learning experience where someone has to enjoy the journey in lieu of instant gratifications.

It can also create episodes of anxiety not for the dogs but for the owners who anticipated a predetermined outcome only to get something totally different.

As an added bonus though it creates an opportunity to allow you to do something you probably never dreamed you would be doing this time last year, and lastly it gives your dog an outside stimulus which can make them both physically and mentally healthier versus the benefits they receive from laying on the family sofa.

It really boils down to a labor of love, patience and enjoying the process as people who have success in these areas did not just start doing it yesterday.

We will be happy to provide more information for those interested.