About Us

Bruce and Caron Jones initially started with deerhounds and beagles raising superior hunting stock. About 15 years ago, Caron bought Bruce 2 Airedale Terriers as he had always longed to have them. They never knew at the time that they would be raising
Champion Airedale Terriers for confirmation.

They visited Eukanuba one year and decided that they would purchase an Airedale for show. They became friends with Scott and Dottie Boeving who had 35 years of raising top Champion Airedales. They bought their first foundation Bitch, Jazz and began their show career. Shortly after, they built their indoor/outdoor kennel for their showdogs on their 7.5 acres in Pittsboro, NC.

We breed Champion Airedales very selectively. We usually plan our litters according to our goals in the show ring. We have one to two litters per year at our kennel.

They now groom and show their own dogs as often as possible.

Our Kennel goal is to improve the genetics of each dog we breed to enhance the qualities that our kennel possesses. We breed for intelligence and temperament.

Singing Hills Kennel would not exist without the mentorship of Scott and Dorothy Boeving. After 36 years of breeding Champion Airedales, Scott died of Stage IV Lymphoma. His dedication to the breed was admirable. Dottie still contributes to the Breed by working with us on raising Conformation Airedales. Waggin-Aire still operates in conjunction with Singing Hills.