Welcome to Singing Hills Kennel

Welcome to Singing Hills Kennel where ethics and breeding are our number one priority to ensure exceptional genetics. Choosing an Airedale Terrier is one of the best decisions you will ever make.  We cannot pick our relatives but, we can add an Airedale who is one of the most important additions to the family.

Airedales are unique dogs and the "King of the Terriers"  which makes an Airedale a great Security dog. They are full of mischief, easy to train,and love to be a part of the family .Airedales are hunters by nature and require a fenced in yard to keep your dog safe.

Why an Airedale?

Prior to considering an Airedale, you must consider the following points as having an Airedale is an Adventure and a Challenge. Airedales are one of the most interesting dogs ever. They can be inquisitive and curious to the point that you never know what they are going to be doing.

They are highly intelligent, easy to train, playful and really believe they are meant to be at every function your family has. They like to be in the middle of your life! They do not want to be left in the yard alone. They want to be right next to the family, ride in cars, go places and enjoy a social life. Airedale Terriers are the “King of Terriers” and that means that they will protect their terroritory.

Prior to purchase, we like to screen families so that the dogs will always have a fenced in area for their safety as Airedales are hunters by nature. Since we breed top Champion bloodlines, we require a Spay/neuter contract for our puppies. We do not grant breeding rites to any buyers ever. If you desire to have a show prospect, we are happy to discuss with you the requirements.

Feel free to contact us and lets discuss your questions.